Google Home Mini Crashing When Volume Is Maxed Out

Usually when we listen to music or watch movies, we don’t crank our speakers to the maximum volume because depending on your speaker quality, at max volume the sound can sometimes “crack”, plus there is also the consideration of our neighbors to think about. This is generally good advice, but one that seems to be particularly apt for the Google Home Mini.

According to some user reports, it seems that some users are claiming that when they max out the Google Home Mini’s volume, the smart speaker could crash. They claim that after a few songs it would crash, reboot itself, before it could be used again. Users are also saying that when played at a “normal” volume, the problem did not present itself.

In a post on the Google Home Help Forums, Google has since acknowledged that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. They did not specify what caused the problem, but there are some theories floating about. In a post on Reddit, user youcantfindoutwhoiam suggests that it could be due to stereo audio being compressed and downmixed into audio, thus resulting in the crash.

Regardless the good news is that Google is working on a fix that hopefully will be released in the near future. In the meantime we suggest maybe playing your music at a softer volume until the problem is addressed.

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