DIY Book Scanner

Daniel Reetz has dreamed of a book scanner which is capable of crunching textbooks, turning them into digital files which can be read later over a computer. This dream has gone on for two years, and Daniel decided to take things into his own hands by working on his own book scanner which took three days or so to complete at a cost of approximately $300. The DIY Book Scanner sees a couple of Canon Powershot A590 cameras in action, alongside two lights, a few pieces of acrylic and some chunks of wood, making it scan a 400-page book in approximately 20 minutes. Too bad it isn’t as automatic as you would like it to be – there is still the need for manual labor where turning pages are concerned, as well as pressing the shutter button. Well, being a DIY project with homebrew software, we can’t really ask for too much, eh? Great job, Daniel – keep it up!

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