Navteq Shows Off Enhanced 3D Models

[Showstoppers at MWC] Navteq is showing its Enhanced 3D City Models, a new 3D dataset that aims to provide a better representation of the road, but without becoming a distraction for the driver. Navteq says that the 3D city view is great for drivers to comprehend where things are, but things like trees and other things not related to navigation have been left out on purpose. While the demo was fluid, we wonder how it will look in actual products – it’s out of Navteq’s hand at this point as they just provide the data. However, you can imagine that devices like onboard computers might be more powerful than phones in the future. Talking about phones, the dataset has levels of details (LOD) so if a device does not have the necessary resources (speed, bandwidth, memory) to display all the details, a simplified version of the geometry will be used. What do you prefer? 3D buildings or regular maps?

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