Wafer-thin Plastic To Be Battery Technology Of The Future?

Battery design, such as thickness and lifespan, is always an issue that folks are trying to tackle and improve. Now it seems that the folks over at Imperial College London have come up with a rather useful development. The latest is a wafer-thin piece of plastic that can store electricity. According to the brains behind it, it isn’t really a battery, rather a superconductor. At the current level of development, a 5-inch square will take about 5 minutes to charge, but also discharges very fast. Thanks to it not using chemicals, it has a much longer lifespan, and has been tested to power an LED light for a good 20 minutes. With this material, scientists hope that the cars of the future might actually get power from the roof, which would be made from this material. It’s certainly easy to imagine phone manufacturers who focus a lot on design like Samsung would love to come up with a super slim phone using this technology too.

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