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The Information Generation, Transforming the Future, Today - Study by Institute for the Future & EMC
In an event I attended last week, Rachel Maguire, Research Head at Institute for the Future (IFTF), EMC President Jeremy Burton, and EMC CMO Jonathan Martin shared their insights on a research study sponsored by EMC, conducted during 6 months by the Institute of the Future with the help of Vanson Bourne for the quantitative part. 3,600 business leaders in 18 countries were surveyed until January 2015 across eight major […]

Microsoft charts a lazier future for humans
With the advent of technology, do you think we are getting lazier and lazier by the day? I guess so, with the remote control being the start of downhill for many of us, and marking the humble beginnings of that paunch around the waist. Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision concept is certainly an interesting take, and while you will not experience any Jetsons’ like lifestyle, it will still offer something that […]

EA's founder: web browsers are the future of gaming
Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and Digital Chocolate (a mobile gaming developer) recently gave his insights on the gaming industry in an interview with the folks over at Industry Gamers, and shared some very interesting points. According to him the future of games lies in web browsers, which are basically available to everybody right now. Be it on the desktop computer, on your smartphone, or even your connected TV; everybody […]

Project Flake concept car is impressive
Looking for a fresh take on how cars work? Da Feng’s latest concept design, Project Flake, might be right up your alley. The UK-based designer has recently come up with a concept video showing off what his car is all about and we gotta say, it sure is creative, not to mention pretty original. Inspired by the Pixar hit animated film in 2008, Cars, Da Feng wondered if it was […]


Intel predicts the end of tablets, laptops and netbooks
Here’s something you don’t hear every day. We’ve all heard that tablets will eventually replace desktops, notebooks and the like, but what about the end of tablets instead? Well the folks over at Intel seem to believe that in 10 years time we won’t be seeing those devices anymore. Not just tablets, but laptops and netbooks as well.

Samsung telepresence booths to change the future of shopping?
At the Samsung Mobilization event today, Samsung unveiled their new 3D communication kiosk that makes use of TelePresence Technology. It renders 2D images that float and rotate in space, allowing users to see every angle of a product they are interested in. If you’ve always felt cheated by products you purchased online because of how they end up on your doorstep not looking like the photographs, these kiosks should be […]

NVIDIA CEO: MacBook Air is the template for laptops of the future
According the the CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, laptops in the future will all resemble the Apple MacBook Air – lightweight, thin and extremely portable. His prediction happened over a phone conversation with the folks at CNet, and here’s what he was quoted saying:“You’ll have trouble finding one that doesn’t look like the MacBook Air. I think the MacBook Air is a good mental image of what a clamshell laptop […]

webOS coming to PCs
At the webOS event today, HP ended their presentation with something that pretty much floored the crowd. They announced that webOS won’t be limited to just mobile devices and their printers; the operating system will find its way on to desktop computers as well as laptops. While there weren’t any details revealed about how it was going to work, expect HP to give us more information in the near future. […]

Panasonic’s Everleds are the light bulbs of the future
Panasonic has just unveiled a new type of light bulb made using LEDs instead of the traditional filaments found in today’s light bulbs. The new bulbs, named “Everleds”, can give the same lighting effect that has been difficult to reproduce with LED lamps until now. These LED lights come in two colors (daylight and incandescent) and can be easily controlled to give a different effect such as “relaxation mode”, “study […]

Robots for offices of the future
Running a company is hard- especially when you have incompetent workers to do the job. Well all that might be a thing of the past, thanks to advances in technology. No, we’re not talking about brainwashing people to be the most efficient workers possible (though that does sound like a great idea, although unethical) but we’re talking about robots. The HRP-4 is a 5-foot tall, humanoid robot developed in Tokyo, […]

Passenger planes of the future
NASA gave away contracts to three teams to come up with the perfect plane for the year 2025. The three teams had to design a plane that was silent, fuel efficient, can fly up to 85% of the speed of sound, cover a range of approximately 7,000 miles, and carry between 50,000 and 100,000 pounds of payload – either passengers or cargo. The three teams that took part were Lockheed […]

Wars may be fought with invisible tanks in the future
The British military scientists have been working on a new technology called “e-camouflage” which uses e-ink to make tanks turn invisible. Highly advanced sensors attached on the outside of the tank will project images of the surrounding environment back onto the outside of the vehicle, effectively turning it into part of the landscape, which is pretty much invisible from far – unless of course somebody hears the tanks rumbling, or […]

XSCAPE concept vehicle for the future
We’ve seen many concept vehicles over the years, but we have to admit, the recent concept designs that we’ve seen tend to have a TRON influence on them, though it’s entirely understandable, since it does look cool. The XSCAPE concept here is designed for the year 2030. The XSCAPE is flexible enough to adjust itself to accommodate more than one rider. Each wheel on this vehicle features a light stripe […]

Monolith concept clock looks futuristic
Designers seem to love watches and clocks for some reason, and here is a concept clock that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern home. This clock is dubbed the Monolith, and you can easily understand why. Time is displayed in a digital format, but instead of showing it using just one face of the clock, the hours and minutes are spread over two sides, giving you an extra […]

Wax-on Concept Wax Printer
The Wax-on solid ink printer looks like a printer sent back from the future. The concept printer removes the need for creating plastic waste associated with the use of (the dreaded) ink cartridges. The design of the printer itself is minimal and offers a vertical orientation to ensure that it doesn’t take up too much desktop real estate. The printer allows the wax cartridges to be easily seen at the […]

Living Wallpaper Can Monitor The Environment
If you often wish you had more control over the lights in your living room, perhaps the Living Wall by High-Low Tech might be of interest to you, as it’s an interactive wallpaper that can be programmed to monitor the environment, as well as control the lighting and sound. The wallpaper is constructed entirely of paper and paint, but can be customized with various sensors, lamps, network and interfaces. With […]

Concept: Food Symphony Storage
Is this the way we’ll be storing our foodstuff in the future? The Food Symphony concept design for Electrolux is a pretty cool design, one that boasts multiple food containers that allow the temperature for each container to be adjusted separately. It has a few rather cool features, which include smart lids that are opaque, but turn transparent when it detects you’re trying to look inside; a bacteria sensor that […]

Infinity Iron To Make Household Chores Fun Again
Ironing the clothes is generally a boring and mundane affair, but if we were provided with this Infinity iron, we wouldn’t mind doing the ironing for a while. This iron sports an OLED display at the top, and has a rubberized texture to improve your grip. The OLED display is touch sensitive, allowing the user to fiddle with the menu in a futuristic manner. The top-half of the Infinity is […]

X-ray vision concept for future trains
It goes without saying that virtually all train platforms throughout the world would have probably seen at least a solitary case of suicide, since it proves to be an easy way out of this painful and hard life. Folks who want to make the world a safer place will definitely vouch for this X-ray vision concept for future trains, courtesy of 4-id Creative Network who conjured a redesigned display board […]

New Electric Wheelchairs Concept
Motorized wheelchairs are a boon to many disabled folk, but they’re often very expensive. A solution to that might be the NEWS (New Electric Wheelchairs) concept, which doesn’t actually replace your existing wheelchair; rather it can be attached to the standard wheelchair, giving it instant motorized power. If this becomes a reality, it’ll be interesting to see the price point that it will be offered at.