Microsoft Surface adapted to offer therapy for cerebral palsy patients


The Microsoft Surface isn’t only business-oriented, as it has recently been specially adapted by researchers from the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to have it assist kids suffering from cerebral palsy get some valuable, fun therapy. Some of the kids with the disease were recently invited over to the Children’s Hospital in Boston to give the system a go. The table itself was specially programmed to function with custom-developed games and activities that will encourage the principal elements of cerebral palsy therapy. Since cerebral palsy comprises of a variety of neurologic disorders with different degrees of symptoms and mobility difficulties, the adaptation of touchscreen technology is key to the end result, since games can be designed around specific goals, such as stretching, movement, range-of-motion, use of both or arms together or increased visual skills. How about using the Wii? You can view a video of this system in action in the extended post.

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