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TouchTools A New Touchscreen Interface
It goes without saying that us humans have been particularly good with our tools, otherwise how could we have lasted against far larger and fiercer animals over the thousands of years in the past? Having said that, the use of tools in this day and age have also expanded, especially in the realm of touchscreen devices. There are times when the leap in technology would require us to learn of […]

Atmel, Corning Work On Super Thin Capacitive Touchscreens
Thin is in, and it does look as though thin is set to stay, too. At the very least, this is the impression that we have from all of the smartphones and tablets that have been released over the past few years. Having said that, Corning (of Gorilla Glass fame) and Atmel have worked together on a new generation of ultra-thin capacitive touchscreens that will not sacrifice form over function […]

NYC Subway Maps Are Now Touchscreen Capable
The advent of the iPhone has brought about touchscreen capability in mobile devices to an even broader level of appeal among the masses, and in this day and age, we more or less expect relevant gadgets to come with a touchscreen display right from the get go. New York subway riders have touchscreen subway maps to look forward to, where the first batch has gone live over in Grand Central […]

Microsoft Research Robot Touchscreen Offers A New User Experience
This is a new robot touchscreen from Microsoft Research that moves in tandem to the app it runs.


Elastic Touchscreen Could Be The Future
Touchscreen technology has certainly come a long way since it first made its way to the market, and just about any self-respecting mobile device these days ought to be equipped with its very own touchscreen display. There has been advancements made to this area of technology over the years, and recently, we read about how Fujitsu managed to offer new levels of interactivity with their touchscreen, and here we are […]

New Fujitsu Touchscreen Interface Offers New Levels Of Interactivity
We all know just how integral touchscreen displays have become to our everyday lives, as the smartphone in your hand and tablet in your backpack both come with a touchscreen display, not to mention the very high possibility of your notebook, too, sporting such a feature. Well, Fujitsu Laboratories has peered into the future, which is why they worked on a next generation user interface which is capable of detecting […]

Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch Review (13.3")
[Updated Mar. 8, 2013 @ 11:03 a.m. ET: We noticed an number of our benchmark tests were a little funny, so we ran them again and found there was a big enough difference to change our opinion of the UltraTouch a bit. In our effort to deliver the most honest review possible, we have edited parts of our original review in order to reflect this change.]The Samsung Series 5 UltraTouch […]

Self-cleaning paint might deliver smudge-resistant touchscreen displays
The jump from a standard alphanumeric keypad on your mobile phone to a full touchscreen display can be said to be huge – revolutionary, even. Unfortunately, there is one issue with the quantum leap to touchscreen displays, and that would be the problem of smudges. There is still no smudge-free touchscreen display just yet, and this could prove to be annoying at times, although I believe that most of us […]

Microsoft high-performance touchscreen technology patent filed
A few months ago we wrote about Microsoft’s high-performance touchscreen technology which managed to reduce the delay that users experience when using a touchscreen. While we got to see an impressive demonstration video, it wasn’t really explained how the technology worked. For those of you who are curious, you’re in luck. In a recently surfaced patent application that Microsoft filed for its technology, the details behind how it works have […]

PresTop delivers touch interactive wayfinders in Dutch shopping centers
Ever heard of PresTop before? Well, I guess it is safe to say that after you are done with this article, there is no excuse of not stumbling upon visualplanet integrator PresTop any more, as the company has taken the step to modernize a Dutch shopping center thanks to the clever implementation of touch interactive wayfinders. After all, we have become more and more accustomed to touch sensitive devices such […]

Microsoft Research shows us what it's like to use faster touchscreens
Touchscreens are pretty much a part of everybody’s lives nowadays, and Microsoft understands how increasingly important they have become. And despite having almost instantaneous response on iOS and Windows Phone devices, there still is a significant delay between our fingers touching the screen and it registering what happens on our current generation touchscreens. This leads to a poor experience especially on drawing apps or other apps that require users to […]

Next-generation Synaptics ClearPad target entry-level smartphone market
Most smartphones have a decent amount of processing power underneath the hood, and there will always be a high-end model that tend to take the spotlight. Mid-range smartphones get glossed over and should be the most popular among the demographic of tech users, while entry-level smartphones? Those are not exactly hot stuff either, but it is a gateway or an entry point to those who might then move up the […]

Touch panel knows who is touching it
When you were a kid, don’t you hate it when some of your more mischievous friends tap you at the back, but you reacted too slowly to know who was the one who actually touched your shoulder, and was it with a pen or a finger? Well, technology has certainly advanced at a rapid pace over the years, with a touch panel display being quicker than you as it is […]

Winter gloves play nice with touchscreen devices
One of the major banes of a touchscreen device rears its ugly head whenever winter comes around – that is because when you wear a pair of gloves, you cannot manipulate the touchscreen display in any way other than to remove that glove and type out whatever you want to before your poor fingers end up frozen. The Army is always on the lookout for the next best thing since […]

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh gets interactive
Just how has touchscreen technology affected you today – for the better (or worse)? Surely all our smartphones these days come with a multi-touch capable display, and we also have tablets to keep us occupied during those more mundane moments in life. How about introducing touch interactivity with a valuable piece of art? This is what we are looking at with Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” which has undergone a […]

3M 46-inch touchscreen prototype
[CES 2012] Remember the Cyberdyne Tacto display that we looked at in last year’s CES? Well, it seems that the ante has been increased, thanks to 3M with their 46″ projected capacitive touchscreen prototype. Specially designed to show off to the world the idea of scalability where touchscreen technology is concerned, this particular device can support up to 20 distinct touch points. If that does not blow your socks away, […]

Intel to focus on touchscreen ultrabooks in 2012
Intel announced yesterday at the Intel conference that touch-based ultrathin notebooks (ultrabooks) running Windows 8 will be a big focus for the company next year.However one of the main problems with touch is that the components for touch-based displays are pretty costly. Intel will be investing money and resources into finding ways to accelerate the cost reduction of touch.With Windows 8 featuring a touch-centric Metro user interface, it is important […]

LiquidKeyboard concept for touchscreen devices
Let’s face it, whether it be on-screen keyboards or actual physical keyboards, the fact remains that unless you’re using some sort of ergonomically designed keyboard, after extended use you will start to feel slightly uncomfortable. Let’s not forget that on-screen keyboards pose yet another problem, especially to those who rely on touch typing (using the feel of the keys to type as opposed to constantly checking to see what keys […]

IBM patents new technology to improve virtual keyboards
 While we all know that virtual keyboards will never replace physical keyboards anytime soon when it comes to speed and accuracy – engineers are constantly trying to make things better. The folks over at IBM recently filed a patent application for a new technology they’ve developed that is said to improve how virtual keyboards on touchscreens work.

Telikin Touchscreen PC for the less tech savvy
While technology is usually designed for the more youthful in mind, the elderly haven’t been completely forgotten about, as evident by the recently released Telikin Touchscreen PC. Designed for (but not limited to) less tech savvy seniors, the Telikin Touchscreen PC is basically an all-in-one touchscreen computer loaded with a customized operating system that isn’t Windows.