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Microsoft Surface RT Review

Originally used for a table-size touch computer, Microsoft has re-used the name “Surface” for its Windows tablets called Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface RT. The former is a thin Intel-powered tablet which is a fully functional PC, while the “RT” version relies on an ARM processor and runs a more limited version of Windows.

Microsoft Surface Plus Upgrade Program Bites The Dust
Microsoft launched the Surface Plus upgrade program last year to make it easier for customers to get their hands on the latest Surface products through financing. The company quietly ended the Surface Plus program on August 31st and is no longer accepting enrollments.

Microsoft Surface Plus Program Lets Owners Upgrade Devices After 18 Months
Microsoft wants to make it easier for customers to own and upgrade a Surface device. To that end, the company today announced the launch of its Surface Plus program. The program offers flexible financing options that are designed to help people take advantage of Microsoft’s Surface lineup of PCs. The program is exclusively available in the United States at Microsoft Stores and online at

iPad Pro Outsold Surface Tablet In Q4 2015
Latest market estimates from IDC show that Apple’s first truly giant tablet, the iPad Pro, outsold the Microsoft Surface tablet despite the fact that it wasn’t even released before the middle of the previous quarter. The estimates peg iPad Pro sales at 2 million units against 1.6 million units for Surface in Q4 2015.

Microsoft Plans First Retail Store Outside North America In Australia
Microsoft until now has its flagship retail store in North America only, but now it is planning to open another in Sydney, Australia later this year. This will be the first ever retail store by Microsoft, which will be outside of North America. The store will exhibit the same layout as the ones in US and Canada.


Surface Pro 3 Review
The third time’s the charm they say, and it is well known that if Microsoft works long enough on a product, they’ll get it right. When the Surface Pro 3 launched, that’s exactly what I thought: finally, there’s a Windows tablet that is barely heavier than the iPad 3 (I assume that most people have seen one), but is much more powerful and large enough to run real Windows apps […]

Surface 3 Tablet Goes Big And Thin
We are at the Microsoft Surface event in NYC today where Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Pro 3, a 12-inch touch computer that is powerful, much thinner than Surface Pro 2 (and Surface Pro), and the best PC device for hand-writing.From the outside, the design change is quite obvious, the Surface Pro 3 addresses one of the biggest concern with Surface Pro 2: the thinness. At 9.1mm thick, it should truly […]

Split-Screen Multitasking Coming To iPad With iOS 8 [Rumor]
Since Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is merely a fortnight away we’re now hearing a lot of rumors about what the company might announce at the conference. We know that its going to show off new software since that’s what it does each year. Specific features are being rumored though. For example a new rumor suggests that iOS 8 might finally bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad.

Microsoft Surface Boss Promises Multiple Sizes And Aspect Ratios
Last month Microsoft unveiled its new Surface tablets. However the company didn’t even mention the Surface mini tablet that it is rumored to be working on. Up till now, Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed that somewhere down the road, it will release a toned down version of its Surface tablet. Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay has dropped a hint though of what is to come in the future. Speaking at the special […]

Hands-On: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review
Microsoft unveiled the next iteration in its line of Surface Pro tablet computers, called the Surface Pro 2, earlier today at an exclusive media event in New York City. With the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft set out to improve pretty much everything people enjoyed about the original Surface Pro, while also adding a few subtle changes as well.

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Spotted In Ghost In The Shell Anime
The Microsoft Surface RT tablet was spotted in the anime Ghost In The Shell. Talk about strategic product placement!

Smaller Microsoft Surface Expected To Be Announced In June [Rumor]
We’ve been hearing about the possibility of there being a smaller Microsoft Surface since this past February, and it looks like those rumors may soon come true as DigiTimes is reporting the company will indeed be announcing its second generation of Surface tablets very soon.According to DigiTimes’ sources from Microsoft’s upstream supply chain, the company’s unveiling of its second-generation Surface tablets will occur at their Build Developer Conference, which will […]

Microsoft Considered 'Cool' Again By Young Adults
If you would have told me a few years ago teens would no longer consider Apple to be cool in 2013, I wouldn’t believe you. If you followed that up by saying Microsoft would then be considered cool by teens, I would have called you a damn liar right in your no-good liar face. But that’s exactly what a recently published poll is reporting.The poll was conducted by an organization […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Retail Availability Update
Here is a quick update on the retail availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro in North America, where they mentioned, “We know some retail and online locations have been low or out of stock of Surface Pro and we’re working to address this. Here is what we are doing and what you can expect.” Folks living in the US will be able to pick up (hopefully) additional units of the […]

Microsoft Stores Coming To Five New Locations In Time For Summer
Finding an Apple Store is pretty easy these days, especially if you live near a major city. The Microsoft Store, on the other hand, have been quite hard to find seeing as there’s only 29 of them open across the U.S. Finding a Microsoft Store might be slightly less difficult now that Microsoft is announcing it will be introducing even more stores in the U.S. sometime this year.The Microsoft Stores […]