Street Fighter 4 KinectWhat can you do to make an already fun game even more fun? Why, you add Kinect to it of course! That seems to be the motto for Kinect hackers today who’ve been changing the whole PC-gaming experience with various Kinect hacks. The latest to join the list is Street Fighter 4. Ever feel like throwing out fireballs from your palms with the same hand motion as Ken? Well now you can. Thanks to the work of a Kinect hacker, he has successfully programmed the device to recognize body movement and arm/leg motions to replace the functions of a regular controller in the game. Here’s a game that’s actually going to have you sweating in the middle of an intense fight. With Street Fighter 4 on the PC is playable over online, you can go head to head against your friends using the same hacks as well. Now that’s what I called fighting over the internet. Watch a video of SF4 Kinect in action after the break:

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