These are weird times we are living in – first you have a teenager who decided that his kidney was worth selling away just to purchase an iPad 2 that has no dialysis app, and now we have a Malaysian social activist whow as ordered to apologize 100 times on Twitter in conjunction with a highly unusual settlement that involved a magazine publisher in a defamation case. Here’s the quick lowdown – Fahmi Fadzil claimed in January over Twitter that his pregnant friend had been unfairly treated by her employer, which is a magazine run by Blu Inc Media.

Fadzil did apologize to Blu Inc concerning the issue almost immediately over Twitter after his allegation (which we believe was done in the heat of the moment), but the company’s legal eagles still did not want to let the matter rest, sending him a letter that demanded unspecified financial damages for defamation as well as another apology in major newspapers.

Guess apologizing 100 times over the course of three days on his @Fahmi_Fadzil Twitter account (with 4,200 followers) will do the trick after all. In fact, Fadzil also tweeted that he has “just finished a pre-prod skype call with aljazeera in washington (sic). i’ll be on their live webcast show…”. This seems like a great way to capitalize on the situation, and just in case you were wondering, he still has 70 more apologies to go as at press time.

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