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RIM Founder/CEO apologizes for BlackBerry outage [Video]
The ongoing BlackBerry outage seems to be the main topic of interest over the past few days (just in time for the release of the iPhone 4S?) and a lot of people are unhappy. RIM is clearly aware of the fact and is doing all it can to solve the problem as soon as possible, but in the meantime all we can do is sit and wait. RIM’s founder and […]

Say sorry over Twitter a hundred times
These are weird times we are living in – first you have a teenager who decided that his kidney was worth selling away just to purchase an iPad 2 that has no dialysis app, and now we have a Malaysian social activist whow as ordered to apologize 100 times on Twitter in conjunction with a highly unusual settlement that involved a magazine publisher in a defamation case. Here’s the quick […]

Netflix apologizes for downtime
A few days ago, Netflix’s video streaming went down for a few hours, and while it wasn’t explained what caused the problem (technical issues was the vague response), the service was up and running again at night. However it seems that Netflix feels bad about the issue and sent out email apologies as well as a 3% credit towards users’ next billing statement for the Watch Instantly Unlimited plan. We’re […]

Flickr deletes 4,000 plus photos accidentally
For a brand that is proclaims itself to be “The best online photo management and sharing application in the world.”, it certainly has some gall to delete more than 4,000 pictures from one of its most prolific users. Owned by Yahoo!, it sent photo blogger Mirco Wilhelm an apology (if you could call it that), and it irritated the Zurich-based IT architect even further as he ranted on a blog […]


T-Mobile USA issues official statement
The recent debacle concerning T-Mobile USA’s data outage has resulted in the following official statement. Dear valued T-Mobile Sidekick customers: We are thankful for your continued patience as Microsoft/Danger continues to work on preserving platform stability and restoring all services for our Sidekick customers. We have made significant progress this past weekend, restoring services to virtually every customer. Microsoft/Danger has teams of experts in place who are working around-the-clock to […]