For whatever given reason there are some people out there who do not believe in public advertising, and who believe that the public space should belong to the public and PublicAdCampaign is such a group. Working together with The Heavy Projects, they have managed to include an ad removal feature in the augmented reality browser, Junaio.

The feature is currently in trial and seems to be limited to New York City, and residents living there will be able to use the app to remove ads from certain locations within New York City, Times Square being one of them.

How it works is just like augmented reality apps, all the user would have to do is scan an ad with a supported device’s camera, and the feature that has been built into the Junaio browser will turn the ad into a piece of artwork. These ads are not just limited to product ads, but basically ads for just about everything including movie posters, television show listings, etc.

PublicAdCampaign along with The Heavy Projects are hoping to compile enough artwork so that you will never have to look at an outdoor ad ever again. A pretty novel way to use augmented reality and also lead to some rather interesting photographs as well. Imagine snapping a photo of a huge movie poster in the middle of Times Square only to have the movie poster replaced with a parody of the image instead.

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