Mozilla Firefox is a pretty popular browser used by privacy-concerned netizens. In its previous major release, it introduced the tracking protection feature enabled by default.

And, with 70.0 release today, it has also added the social tracking protection feature to be enabled by default. Technically, it blocks the cross-site tracking cookies from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This was already present in the previous version of Firefox – however, it is now a standard feature in its “Enhanced Tracking Protection“.

In addition, it will also warn you when you visit an insecure web page in the address bar itself. Bleeping Computer highlighted the addition by explaining that the lock sign would be greyed out instead of the green lock.

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Also, when visiting non-HTTPS pages, instead of just showing the site information, it will also warn you with a new icon to highlight that the web page you are on is insecure.

It is also worth noting that the password manager (lockwise) has had significant improvements which lets you easily sync passwords (and generate them) across multiple devices.

Considering that it is a major release, Mozilla Firefox 70.0 has changed a lot of things under the hood as well. If you are curious about all the detailed changes, you can take a look at its official blog post to learn more about the latest release.

Featured Image Credits: Mozilla Firefox Blog

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