Best Chrome Shortcuts Will Boost Your Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are underrated. At least, when you are using a browser, only a handful of people care about utilizing the keyboard shortcuts available for the browser.

Firefox 70.0 Released With Important Security Features

Mozilla Firefox is a pretty popular browser used by privacy-concerned netizens. In its previous major release, it introduced the tracking protection feature enabled by default.And, with 70.0 release today, it has also added the social tracking protection feature to be enabled by default. Technically, it blocks the cross-site tracking cookies from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.This was already present in the previous version of Firefox – however, it is now a […]

Vivaldi 1.0 Browser Launched

There are many different kinds of web browsers from which one will be able to choose from, although the most popular one at the moment would be Google’s Chrome. Having said that, if you are feeling rather curious, you might want to check out Vivaldi’s browser which will simply be known as Vivaldi 1.0, where it might just make a splash among users.

Control This House’s Christmas Lights Via A Browser

So, you are more or less done with the holiday celebrations and are currently working on your new year resolutions, where one of them would be to pack up your Christmas decorations as soon as possible. Still, if you miss all of the lights and other decorations of the Yuletide season and do not want it to end, here is something which can keep you occupied for some time to […]


How To Change The User Agent

The Browser User Agent is a unique browser identity that tells web servers what type of browser the user is using. Depending on the user-agent, the web server can decide to build web pages using different formatting (mobile vs. desktop) or information (OS-specific pages).However, the user agent can also be changed right from inside the browser to “trick” the web server into providing information in a specific way. This is […]

How To Enable JavaScript (Major Browsers)

Many websites use JavaScript to provide user friendly and attractive web page, instead of a static page. Most of the interactive content you see on many modern websites are added using JavaScript. Although, it can be quite attractive and make it easy to use the web page, but still, it depends on browser’s settings whether you can see this content or not.JavaScript can be easily enabled or disabled in your […]

How To Change Browser Font (Style and Size)

Change font style and size of all major browsers to make it easier on the eyes.

How To Delete Cookies (Major Browsers)

Cookies are tiny bits of information stored by websites you visit in your PC so when next time you visit that website, they will know who you are and have your data arranged. This helps in many ways, like remembering your shopping cart and login information, etc. that helps keep things automatic. However, cookies can also be used for advertising purposes to provide you better advertisements. If you like, you […]

How To Clear Android Cache

Clear cache of your Android phone apps and Browser, Using both Built-in settings and Third-party Tools.

Microsoft’s Spartan Browser Gets Peeked At

While Microsoft has failed to roll out a spanking new build of Windows 10 for a few weeks now, this dearth of news does not mean that there is no way else where we are able to check out the Spartan browser from the software giant. In fact, there is a recent leak from a Windows 10 build that has yet to be released, but it does feature more of […]

WSJ: Google Not Fixing Security Flaws In Oldest Smartphone Internet Browser Versions

The Wall Street Journal has brought us word that Google is no longer issuing fixes for whatever security flaws that appear on the oldest versions of their Internet browsers on smartphones. While this is to be expected for any software house or developer as they cannot simply devote too much resources and time to cater for an ever shrinking group of users, a formal announcement would be nice so that […]

More Retro Video Games Now Playable In Browser

Fancy taking a walk down memory lane? If you have answered in the affirmative, then chances are you would have fond memories of classics such as Ms Pac-Man, Metal Gear, The Lion King, Mega Man, bone crunching punches and uppercuts in Street Fighter 2, the Nazi-busting Wolfenstein 3D, heart stopping moments in Prince of Persia, the Sega version of Aladdin and the likes of The Oregon Trail.

Windows Users No Longer Face Different Browser Choices

It seems that if you happen to be an avid Windows user on your desktop or notebook, and happen to live in Europe, you no longer be offered a choice of different browsers. It seems that the Windows Browser Ballot has been put to bed at last, and just in case you are wondering what the heck is the Windows Browser Ballot all about, it is a delayed punishment for […]

Frameless For iOS Looks Sleek

When it comes to the different kinds of web browsers that are available in the market, there are various choices to pick from in which you are able to be comfortable with your choice. While Safari does have its fair share of fans, it does not maximize the amount of viewing real estate that you have on your spanking new iPhone 6 Plus or iPad. In other words, there is […]