vivaldi-modern-classicThere are many different kinds of web browsers from which one will be able to choose from, although the most popular one at the moment would be Google’s Chrome. Having said that, if you are feeling rather curious, you might want to check out Vivaldi’s browser which will simply be known as Vivaldi 1.0, where it might just make a splash among users.

Arriving at version 1.0 after going through a 14-month beta gestation period, the Vivaldi 1.0 browser has been deemed to be a “modern classic”, and it is easy to see why as most of the team behind the browser happened to be former Opera engineers, and the company itself is helmed by Jon von Tetzchner, who is co-founder of Opera Software.

Von Tetzchner mentioned, “We set out on a mission to make web browsers powerful again. Vivaldi 1.0 is both a throwback and a look ahead. It’s a ‘Modern Classic’ designed to help our users get the most out of all the time they spend with their browser.”

With the constant stress on customizability, it is no surprise to see that the browser’s Preferences pane comes jam packed with options which goes against the grain of a minimalist design in majority of what other browser designers now aim for. Of course, you can give Vivaldi 1.0 a go here, and do let us know what you think of it. [Press Release]

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