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We have a lot of browsers available to choose from. However, the biggest deal-breaker for some of the options available is the lack of privacy-focused features.

Brave browser could be a great alternative for you to explore as a privacy-focused browser with a lot of rewarding features.

It literally rewards its users if you opt into its private ad platform. Technically, the advertisements displayed by the browser (only if you opt-in) will be privacy-friendly with no trackers.

The private ad platform uses a blockchain-based advertising model that rewards users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). You can use these tokens to help your favorite website/creator online without having to experience the annoying advertisements

You can also set the number of ads that you want to see while also being able to block data-hungry advertisements. The ad-blocking capabilities are just like Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Until now, it was in the beta phase and well-received by users worldwide. And, finally, it announced its first stable version ready to use.

It is originally based on Chromium – so the browsing experience should be a smooth ride. Personally, I find the idea of a private ad network while also being able to respect users’ privacy.

If that is something you would want as well, you can try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments below.

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