While patent infringement lawsuits aren’t new, the intensity and frequency seems to have increased in the past couple of years. Now it appears that Nokia is suing a Shanghai-based company, Huaqin Telecom Technology Co. Ltd, for apparently infringing upon on of their patents.


The patent in question is the method used for covering up a phone’s camera lens when not in use. As you may recall such mechanisms can be found on a variety of Nokia devices like the Nokia N95 pictured above. Huaqin Telecom Technology is supposedly one of China’s top cellphone design companies and it appears that they may or may not have used Nokia’s patented method during the course of designing cellphones.

Nokia apparently wants the company to stop its production and the sales of the offending products and have demanded 10 million Yuan ($1.55 million) as compensation for infringing upon its patents.

According to Huaqin Telecom Technology the patent Nokia is claiming is theirs is believed to be “existing technology”, and on top of that the compensation demand is said to be excessive.

So what do you guys think? Do you think that Nokia has a case here or are they attempting to reach some sort of agreement with Huaqin like they did with Apple?

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