Guys and girls beware as there is an Android app that has been released in Japan that will allow your significant other to keep tabs on you – without your knowledge!

The app is called Karelog (Boyfriend Log) that is basically a piece of spyware than when downloaded can be installed onto your partner’s Android handset. It will run in the background, and unless your partner is tech savvy enough, they will probably not know that it is running. Upon installation an ID and password will be given to you, and you can login via a website.

Through the website, it appears that you will be able to track their movements through GPS, so you can always be sure that he/she is where they told you they would be. The app will be free for the first 3 days after which you will be required to pay a subscription fee of ¥525 a month (or ¥840 for 3 months or ¥1,980 for a year). This is the regular membership which will allow you to track your partner via GPS but also to check the battery status of their Android device.

There’s even a platinum membership that will set you back ¥1,980 a month, ¥4,980 for 3 months or ¥8,980 a year. This gives you even more access to your partner’s phone and you will be able to access call logs and see what sort of apps he/she has downloaded. It’s a little creepy and despite the “Boyfriend Log” moniker, we don’t see why possessive and jealous boyfriends can’t install this on their girlfriend’s Android handsets either!

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