Ever wanted to play Mario in a box? We’re not sure why you would, but it looks like Adam Kumpf and his team have created what they’re calling a video game in a box. It utilizes Teagueduino (which seems to be based on Arduino) and the game they created was basically to showcase what Teagueduino can do.


Basically the game is based on Mario and it is literally a side scroller with the landscape and the various monsters and obstacles, such as the mushroom creatures, bricks and pipes, that are continuously rolling. A knob on the side of the box controls Mario and turning it moves him up or down.

The goal is to avoid the mushrooms and obstacles for as long as you can, and the longer you play the faster the scrolling gets. Unlike the video game version, there is no end in sight and there’s only one world to play in. Mario and the various obstacles are made out of magnets which helps the system sense them and detects when you have collided with a monster or object, which will then cause you to lose the game and the lid of the box will then close.

As we said earlier, the reason behind the game wasn’t so much for the game itself but rather the Teagueduino project. If you’re interested in checking out Teagueduino, there’s a Kickstarter page for it, otherwise enjoy the video of the game in action below.

Video Game in a Box from adam kumpf on Vimeo.

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