Marriott Waikiki gets EV charging station

Environmentally conscious vacationers will be pleased to know that if they want to rent an electric vehicle (EV) or drive their own to Hawaii, if they were to stay at the Marriott Waikiki, they will have no problems charging their vehicle as AeroVironment has installed an EV charging station on the hotel’s premises.

Apparently eco-friendliness and sustainability are features that guests are starting to pay more attention to, especially when making travel plans and choosing hotels to stay in, so if a vacationer were to select an EV as their choice of rental car for holiday, having an EV charging station available at the hotel they stay in would be a bonus.

Even better news for those living in the state of Hawaii, as this is just one of the 320 EV charging stations that AeroVironment plans to install across the state. The installation at the Marriott Waikiki makes it the second hotel in the state to feature an EV charging station, with the first installed at the Sheraton Waikiki by Better Place.

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