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Tesla Cybertruck's Rival Electric Truck 'Rivian R1T' Performs 360-Degree Turns
Tesla Cybertruck was all over the news when it launched for all the right/wrong reasons.However, Rivian, a rival electric truck manufacturer teased a feature of its truck that could put Cybertruck to shame.Of course, it all comes down to what you prefer. But, a 360-degree turn from a standstill position on an electric truck is definitely impressive.For some, this might just be a party trick and for others, this could […]

Ford's All Electric Mustang Mach-E Details Leaked Ahead Of Launch
Ford’s much-awaited all-electric Mustang crossover finally unveiled the name “Mustang Mach-E”.Even though the full reveal is scheduled on November 17 L.A. auto show, it looks like we already have a lot of details for the car ahead of the official launch.Jalopnik spotted the webpage for Ford’s All-Electric Mustang Mach-E through the Mach-E forum.Of course, the webpage was supposed to go live after the full reveal but it seems like someone […]

BMW Puts Light & Charge Initiative To The Test In Oxford
Owners of electric cars are probably painfully aware that unlike regular cars, finding a charging station for your vehicle isn’t as easy as the stations aren’t nearly as ubiquitous compared to gas stations. This means that you will need to plan your journey along routes where there will be EV charging stations available.However BMW wants to make your life easier. The company has recently announced an initiative where they will […]

Fast Charge Stations For EVs From BMW & Volkswagen
One of the major drawbacks of driving an electric vehicle would be the fact that charging spots are far from being common – as opposed to a gas station, of course. I am quite sure that effort is being made to increase the number of electric car charging points in various major cities around the world, but the effort is still far from laying down the relevant infrastructure so that […]


NYC To Get Wireless EV Chargers Disguised As Manhole Covers
While electric vehicles are a great way to reduce our petrol consumption, the simple fact is that they take too long to charge and have a pretty short range before they require charging again. Well hopefully with more chargers being made readily available, more EVs will be adopted in the future and New York City is hoping that provide said convenience through the installation of EV chargers throughout the city. […]

To Have World’s Largest EV Fast Charging Network
The Netherlands would get the world's most comprehensive EV charging network soon.

Moveo Electric Scooter Is Foldable, No Parking Spot Required
Depending on where you live, commuting can be a nightmare and that’s probably true for most big cities. To alleviate some of the road congestion issues, many use a 2-wheels transportation mode, motorized or not. The thing is: when you have a motorized vehicle, you may have a much harder time to park it than you would with a bicycle The Moveo Electric Scooter wants to fix that by letting you fold […]

TDK's contactless charging system makes it easy to charge your EV
[CEATEC 2012] While charging your electric vehicle (EV) isn’t exactly challenging, it looks like companies are trying to make it easier than it already is. At CEATEC 2012, TDK showed off its upcoming contactless charging system. What it basically does is it allows drivers to charge their EVs by just parking in the right spot. This technology works with the use of coils at the bottom of the car and […]

Toyota Smart INSECT is aptly named
[CEATEC 2012] Adding to the list of weird names for products we’ve seen at CEATEC 2012, we’ve now got the Toyota Smart INSECT. However, instead of a six-legged creature as its name implies, we get a fully-electric vehicle with aesthetic stylings that make it resemble one. The Toyota Smart INSECT (acronym for Information Network Social Electric City Transporter) is a one-seater car with two doors that flip up gull-wing style […]

Venturi announces 300HP: $400k sleek EV
Electric vehicles are hailed as highly preferable as compared to the regular gas-run rides. The difference, of course, is that of the carbon footprint they leave on the environment. EVs may definitely make a great choice if only they stopped riding the pony of high price tags.Venturi may be having a shot at enticing more customers to the EV market when it announced a rather low-budget ride at the Paris […]

Kia Ray EV announced
Kia Motors, one of Korea’s popular car manufacturers, has announced the launch of Korea’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) – the Kia Ray EV. If the first thing that popped into your mind was the sleek curves of a manta ray’s body when you heard the name “Ray” you’re not alone – that was my first though. However it looks like Kia has decided to go with a not-so-sleek boxy shape […]

Kiira EV is first electric car from Uganda
When you mention the country Uganda, I don’t think identifying it as a vehicle producing nation is right at the top of most people’s minds. I guess things will be changing for the better in the future assuming the nation’s first electric car, the Kiira EV, actually takes off in a big way. According to Mr Paul Isaac Musasizi, the Project Manager of the Vehicle Design Mission at Makerere University, […]

Humanix places airbags on the outside
Most of us would be able to resonate with the idea of airbags on the inside of a vehicle, but airbags on the outside? How is that suppose to protect you, the driver? Perhaps it is more of protecting pedestrians than the driver, but that is just my speculation. Humanix of Japan is the company behind this tiny electric car that has airbags on the body. According to Humanix, they […]

Electric DeLorean coming your way
The DeLorean is a cult classic all thanks to the “Back to the Future” movie series, and hence it makes perfect sense to see many people make attempts at converting the DeLorean DMC-12 to an electric car in a DIY setting. Well, we are pleased to announce that you no longer need to roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty, as there is word from the DeLorean Motor […]