netherlands-ev-chargingIf there is one disadvantage that electric vehicles seem to have over those that run on gas, it would be this – the number of charging stations are still too few to make it convenient to drive your electric vehicle (EV) anywhere you like without worrying about just how many miles it has left in its batteries. Well, folks living in the Netherlands will be pleased to know that the largest EV fast-charging network in the world is tipped to roll out in their country soon.

This particular initiative has been Spearheaded by ABB in conjunction with Fastned, where this particular network will be made up of 200 fast-charging stations that will be located no more than 31 miles apart from one another, which more or less makes electric car operation in the Netherlands about as viable as a gas-powered ride. Individual stations will allow the driver to juice up their ride in approximately 15 to 30 minutes, where they can spend their time waiting under the station’s solar panel-equipped shaded area. It will also be different from selected proprietary systems as these stations are capable of serve most major automobile brands from the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

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