chargepointOne of the major drawbacks of driving an electric vehicle would be the fact that charging spots are far from being common – as opposed to a gas station, of course. I am quite sure that effort is being made to increase the number of electric car charging points in various major cities around the world, but the effort is still far from laying down the relevant infrastructure so that one will be able to drive an electric car around with peace of mind, knowing that juicing it up anytime, anywhere is not going to be an issue. BMW and Volkswagen intends to start changing the landscape, where they will install 100 fast-charging stations by ChargePoint all along both east and west coasts.

This effort will hopefully be able to form “corridors” of roads, so that drivers can access one of them every 50 miles or so. Each of these stations are tipped to feature a couple of 50 kW DC or 24 kW DC fast chargers. Of course, owners of electric vehicles would welcome these with open arms, especially when you take into consideration that these machines are available only in 120 spots among the 20,000 ChargePoint locations that dot the U.S In fact, they work so fast that it takes approximately half an hour to power an EV up to 80%, now how about that? [Press Release]

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