hevo-powerWhile electric vehicles are a great way to reduce our petrol consumption, the simple fact is that they take too long to charge and have a pretty short range before they require charging again. Well hopefully with more chargers being made readily available, more EVs will be adopted in the future and New York City is hoping that provide said convenience through the installation of EV chargers throughout the city. However this won’t be your standard EV charger, but instead will be disguised as manhole coveres that will be able to charge your EV wirelessly.

This technology is provided by Hevo Power, an EV charging company that managed to create a wireless charging system that will be able to deliver juice to EVs. Granted the power being transmitted is less than a regular EV charger, but given that it can be disguised as a manhole cover and can be placed on the ground, it is a bit more efficient and less conspicuous. The system, according to the company’s CEO, Jeremy McCool, is ideal of EV delivery trucks that typically drive at low speeds and don’t need a lot of battery power to get them to their destination. Pretty cool, huh?

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