Here is a Kickstarter project that might just appeal to you in more ways than one, as it turns on the nostalgia factor by many notches. Basically, what you will need is one of those original old school Gameboys that run on four AA batteries while being a blur of pixels during those fast scrolling moments, where it will have its innards transformed to make it a unique music instrument, complete with analog controls and a stereo/mono switch.

The asking price for this fully modified Gameboy? Well, $174 might sound a bit steep to some, but at least it will come with a 6 volt power, letting you (and your band, perhaps?) enjoy some boops and beeps on your latest track. Basically, this kit will work on enhancing Gameboy audio, introducing controls for Cutoff, Resonance, Bypass, Envelope Follower. As how the creator describes it, “The filter can operate in mono mode, effecting the entire signal from the Gameboy. In stereo mode, the clean signal from the Gameboy is panned hard left, while the filtered signal is panned hard right. This allows the performer to selectively program what elements of their audio will pass through the filter.”

There is still slightly more than a couple weeks to go before the $2,400 goal needs to be reached – and with just 3 backers and $205 pledged so far, I hope things will start to pick up for this project.

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