New spinning top game uses a table-top display and tactile feedback controllers

Spinning Top gameIf you love playing with spinning tops, but you’re bored of the types of games that are available to play with, you’re in for a treat. The folks over at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan have come up with a new type of spinning top game – by enhancing the centuries old childhood pastime with the use of technology.

Players use a tactile feedback remote to control the spinning tops on a table-top display that displays the status of the tops (health, speed etc), as well as special effects for when the tops clash, and spice up the battlefield with explosive visuals. Players can also pick up objects on screen with the use of their hands. It’s interesting to see technology being used to spice up an already fun game which will probably draw more folks to pick up the game.

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No word on whether we’ll see this game being available commercially, but check out the video of it in action:

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