Nokia GEMWhen Nokia isn’t busy refining or making real phones, it looks like the company spends a lot of time working on futuristic and advanced concept devices. The Finnish mobile giant recently introduced a new concept phone on its official blog called the Nokia GEM. The first thing you’ll notice about the phone is how it’s completely made out of displays. Every inch of the device can be used to display images and text, and can be interacted with.

Functions can be accessed from both the front and of the phone, and the appearance of your phone will be determined by what app is running at that time. If you run the camera app, for instance, the Nokia GEM will look like a camera, and running the map app will turn it into a GPS system. Text and images can be wrapped around the contour of the device, which can lead to some interesting interactions being used on the phone.

Check out the stylish animated concept video and let us know what you think. Would you use a phone like the Nokia GEM?

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