Q3 2011 smartphone shareIt took awhile, but Google’s domination of the mobile platform has finally occurred. According to the latest findings by Gartner, Android now has 52.5% market share worldwide – up from 43.4% last quarter and double the 25.3% from one year ago. And even better news for Google – the operating system has been stealing the market from almost every other smartphone platform.


Even though iOS grew by almost 4 million unit sales in the third quarter, the market share dropped from 16.6$ down to 15%. However, it’s expected to pick up again this upcoming quarter since the 4S will be available in more locations worldwide. Samsung’s Bada rose from 1.1% up to 2.2%: ahead of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 which is at 1.5%.

Symbian continued its decline and is now at 16.9% (it was 36.3% a year ago), and RIM’s BlackBerry OS also dropped to 11%. However, RIM’s poor sales this quarter might be due to BBX phones being released next year – people might be holding out on buying new BlackBerry phones.

It looks like Android’s biggest competitor is iOS which is pretty impressive, considering that Apple only introduces one phone a year. I wonder what the smartphone market share will look like this time next year.

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