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Android Market Share Dominates iOS Once Again In U.S.
The last time Kantar World Panel released its smartphone platform market share report, iOS had been announced the winner by an extremely slight margin as it had a 48.1 percent market share, while Android’s market share sat around 46.7 percent. Today, Kantar World Panel has come out with a new report of smartphone market shares over the past three months, and it looks as though iOS’ slight lead in their […]

Apple now the world's 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer
According to results from IDC’s latest report – Apple has now surged forward to claim the spot of the world’s 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer. The Cupertino company increased its market share by 128.4% when compared to its Q4 results back in 2010. Talk about a growth spurt! Apple is reported to now own 8.7% of the Market Share, putting it in 3rd place behind Nokia (26.6%) and Samsung (22.8%). […]

One in every two smartphones sold in the world run Android
It took awhile, but Google’s domination of the mobile platform has finally occurred. According to the latest findings by Gartner, Android now has 52.5% market share worldwide – up from 43.4% last quarter and double the 25.3% from one year ago. And even better news for Google – the operating system has been stealing the market from almost every other smartphone platform.Even though iOS grew by almost 4 million unit […]

Internet Explorer global browser share dips below 50% mark
Microsoft executives would definitely sit up and take notice that their Internet Explorer global browser share has just dropped below the 50% mark sometime during the month of October – something that had never happened before in over a decade. Apart from that, there is also a notable improvement for Google fans – Chrome has overtaken Firefox for the first time here. Still, Internet Explorer remains a force to be […]


Android top smartphone purchases in Asia
The Apple iPhone 4S might be doing gangbusters in terms of sales, but that does not mean North America is the center of the universe. There is this thing known as the rest of the world, and in Asia, Android-powered handsets top the smartphone purchase list. This is interesting considering the telecom boom in the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific is tipped to go forward this year, where the total […]

More Windows tablets sold than PlayBooks in Q2 2011
It has been reported by Strategy Analytics that in Q2 2011, Microsoft has seen more tablets shipped with its operating systems than RIM did with its own tablet. Now this wouldn’t have been surprising if it was comparing Apple’s iPad against the BlackBerry PlayBook but in this case we’re talking about tablets running Microsoft’s operating system: Windows 7, which wasn’t even designed for tablets in the first place.

WebKit browsers catching up to Firefox (updated)
 While Firefox is having trouble surpassing Internet Explorer’s market share in the browser wars, it looks like it has another competitor right at its heels – browsers that run the WebKit web page renderer, in the form of Google Chrome and Apple Safari. According to the latest stats from StatCounter, Internet Explorer is leading the race with 43.87% of the market share, while Firefox comes in second with 29.29%. Chrome […]

Nokia's market share: at its lowest point since 1997
Things don’t look too good for the Finnish giant. After spending countless years as the company to beat, Nokia seems to have rolled back in time 14 years – with its global market share reduced to 25%, almost the same level as it was back in 1997. With recent rumors about Microsoft interested in buying Nokia, it looks like Microsoft could just wait it out a little longer to make […]

Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP's desktop OS market share
According to the latest results of the desktop OS market share in the US for April 2011 collected by StatCounter, it looks like people are finally leaving Windows XP behind and getting an upgrade to Windows 7. For the first time since it became the most popular operating system around, Windows XP’s market share has been trumped by Windows 7. Windows 7 is now used on 31.71% of desktops in […]

LG claims top global market share in LED LCD monitors
Korean electronics manufacturer, LG Electronics has been crowned the world’s market leader in LED LCD monitors in 2010, with 18% of the market share. Out of the 16.68 million LED LCD monitors that were sold worldwide last year, LG were accounted for 2.92 million of them. In 2009, LG only had 1% of the pie, they jumped to 10% last year, and the company now sits on the throne with […]

IDC predicts Windows Phone will overtake iOS market share by 2015
For the surprising news of the week, it appears that the IDC has some interesting predictions to share. According to their team of researchers and analysts, they see Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform overtaking iOS’s market share by the year 2015. They believe that the worldwide smartphone market will grow almost 50% this year (49.2% to be exact) and Apple’s iOS will only make up for 15.7% of that share while […]

Android 2.x On 83 Percent Of Android Devices
Not every Android-powered device out there is blessed with the latest and greatest firmware update, sometimes due to carrier or hardware restrictions. Now the stats are in and according to the Android Market, Android 2.0 or higher is already on 83 percent of all Android devices with Android 2.2 Froyo already installed on over 43 percent of all Android devices, up 10 percent since October. Older versions of Android such […]

Android for Men, iPhone for Women According to Recent Survey
A recent survey published by Nielsen reveals that Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone are among the most popular phones in the U.S., with iPhone and BlackBerry leading the pack with 27 percent market share each and Android not too far off with 23 percent and Windows Mobile capturing 14 percent. What’s interesting about the survey is that the male gender prefers Android over the iPhone and its iOS operating system (33 […]

Market share doesn't mean much
Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson – that’s the market share classification that most people use to rank handset makers. However, people overlook profitability, The key metric in a mature business like cellphones. While Nokia still commands 60% of the industry’s profit and 45% of the market share, both Blackberry and Apple get about 20% of the profits with a relatively tiny number of handsets shipped. That means that they are much […]