StarbucksRemember the Starbucks Cup Magic app that was released last year in conjunction with the holiday season? Well it looks like the app has been given an update just in time for one of the most celebrated events worldwide: Valentine’s Day. The app now creates an augmented reality scene when the camera is aimed at the special edition Valentine’s Day-themed cups that will be in use through February 17th.

In addition to the cute animation, the app will also let users buy and send Starbucks gift cards to friends that can be delivered on Valentine’s Day, as well as send messages to users that require them to head to Starbucks, buy a drink, and aim the app at the cup in order to read what was written. Troublesome? But totally worth the hassle if you’re into cooking up romantic messages for loved ones.

Head over to the Android Market or Apple App Store to download the latest version of the Starbucks app today (free).

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