So, here we are where artificial intelligence (AI) is sentient enough to create its own game (as for the complexity of the game itself, that is a different story altogether), but don’t worry just yet – AI Angelina is not going to usher in a robotic apocalypse just yet. Surely it will never reach Mass Effect 3 levels just yet, but then again, Space Station Invaders from AI Angelina is very different from those multi-million dollar blockbuster titles. The AI itself will generate video-game artwork, music and even entire levels – from scratch. This is definite progress in the right direction leaving Michael Cook, a computer scientist behind AI Angelina to say, “It has only been very recently that we’ve asked ourselves, could you procedurally generate the whole thing?”

AI Angelina relies on a technique known as cooperative co-evolution in order to churn out games, where it will design different aspects of the game separately. Space Station Invaders is extremely basic in its premise – you basically control a scientist who needs to ward off robots who have gone rogue (another robotic apocalypse scenario – don’t you think it would be ironic if this is the platform to an actual event on earth?) and save the world in the process. There is one limitation to the game at the moment – you are invincible and cannot die, since AI Angelina isn’t capable of measuring the level’s difficulty, and hence it cannot figure out just what makes an inescapable situation. Introducing the concept of death would lead to Angelina producing impossible-to-complete games.

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