The pirates are at it again, with Windows and Xbox 360 versions of Mass Effect 3 being distributed online a day before the official release of the highly anticipated RPG from BioWare. The weekend saw illegal copies of Mass Effect 3 leaked through different torrent sites, and I am quite sure that BioWare executives are hoping that real fans of the game would just purchase the real deal and resist the temptation of “enjoying” the pirated copy right from the get go. There are also reports going around that the PS3 version of the game has already been cracked, and is raring to go. No idea on how true that is, so we will just have to wait and see.


The full game will eat up 16GB of storage space, being burned onto a couple of DVDs. While the full Xbox 360 version of the game can be played, the PC version is at least “protected” in some sense, since BioWare requires one to play the game via Origin, although who are we to say that a crack is not on its way already?

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