Earlier this week, we reported an update that Skyrim was getting to 1.5 for the PC version but according to reports, there was a lot of feedback to the game developers that broken quests still remained despite the patch. Now, after just a few days, Bethesda has already rolled out another patch for the PC versions while stammering apologies to the Xbox and PS3 users.

The patch is titled 1.5.26 and according to Bethesda, one of the key updates in its latest patch is the reduction rate of crashes to the desktop when using plug-ins with the game. For many of the players, that exact problem has blighted you after installing mods to the game, so hopefully Bethesda has now identified and rectified it so players will be able to do as many mods as their hearts desire.

In the update also came improvements to the underwater effects as well as a fix to the sun not being clear when traveling fast which seemed weird. While the ‘crash’ fix was the featured special, it doesn’t hurt that Bethesda thought to rectify other things as well before rolling out the update for the PC versions.

As for the underwater effects and the ‘sun’ issue, it will be interesting to see if both fixes make it onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the update when it does roll out for the consoles. If you have already installed the 1.5.26 patch and tried it out, do let us know if the problems have been rectified and whether there is a reduction in crashes or not with a comment below.

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