Bethesda made a couple of surprise announcements at its E3 conference, one of which involved the confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI is in development. Then the company also unveiled Skyrim: Very Special Edition, which for a moment looked like some kind of joke ad that featured actor Keegan Michael Key.

In the trailer (see above) it shows Key playing Skyrim using his voice together with an Amazon Echo speaker, and while it might seem like a joke, it’s not. Bethesda has actually launched a Skyrim skill for Alexa in which players will be able to play through a game of Skyrim using nothing but their voice.

In a way it is similar to how Dungeon & Dragon sessions are actually run, where the Dungeon Master usually narrates the story, describes the scenery, and narrates encounters and fights. So in a way this version of Skyrim actually ends up feeling very D&D-esque. The best part is that unlike the ad which suggests that you would need an Echo device, you don’t.

All users need is access to Alexa, which you can get by downloading the Amazon shopping app for either iOS and Android. Once it’s installed, tap the Alexa icon and tell it to launch Skyrim and you should be good to go.

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