There is the common perception that all gamers are overweight and unhealthy. We suppose that the idea of someone sitting in front of their computer all day without exercise probably lends itself to that perception, but it seems that video games also has the potential to help gamers lose weight.

In a post on Reddit (via VentureBeat), Redditor elliottate claims that during the course of him playing Bethesda’s Skyrim VR on the PC, he successfully managed to lose 10 pounds in the process. According to him, how he achieved this was by trying to immerse himself into as much of the game as possible.

He writes, “In my room-scale room, I laid down a couple yoga mats, strapped on my running shoes, blasted a fan on me at full blast and learned to run in place to the exact speed of the game movement speed. I also learned to sprint really fast at the exact speed of the sprint that uses stamina in the game (which you don’t realize is fast until you have to physically run that speed).”

We suppose in a way it was like he was exercising which would have contributed to his weight loss anyway, but done in a more fun and enjoyable way. He also mentions how he reads out the dialogue which he admits sounds silly, but also helps to add to the immersion. So if you’re looking for a way to shed some pounds, perhaps Skyrim VR could be worth considering.

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