Steampunk Nerf rifle looks pretty menacing

We’ve come across several steampunk Nerf guns in the past, although they’ve largely been limited to handgun versions, so if you feel those aren’t as menacing as you’d like, perhaps this steampunk Nerf rifle ought to do the trick. Created by deviantART member, vanbangerburger, this steampunk inspired Nerf rifles sports a couple of steampunk accessories and a new coat of paint, and even comes with a pair of steampunk goggles to complete the outfit!

Unfortunately apart from the different accessories and the new coat of paint, it seems that this steampunk rifle pretty much does the same thing as its regular Nerf counterpart, which some of you Nerf fans out there might recognize as the Longstrike CS-6. All in all, it’s a pretty valiant effort, and while we’re not sure if vanbangerburger is willing to sell his masterpiece, you can find more photos over at his deviantART page.

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