As far-fetched as it sounds, the folks over at VR-Zone claim to have had a chat with some Microsoft employees who mentioned the next step in Kinect-related technology. Apparently Microsoft has been working on fitting the Kinect Natural User Interface that is found in Xbox consoles to the upcoming installment of the company’s mobile OS, Windows Phone 8 or Apollo.

To delve even deeper, there is more speculation as Microsoft has already allegedly developed some parts of this technology and will feature it on the upcoming update perhaps even from launch. According to the source, Microsoft has dedicated an increasing amount of resources into building this feature and was inspired by Apple’s Siri which was introduced on the iPhone 4S.

Microsoft is looking to hit similar grounds and if rumors are to be believed, Kinect can capture even more voice patterns than its fruity counterpart. If Microsoft is to be successful in this endeavor it would mean that the company has also found a way to squeeze the 3 Kinect cameras from the Xbox sensor into the next wave of Windows Phone Apollo devices.

Out of the 3 cameras, 1 of them is an infra-red camera and takes up the most space so Microsoft might need to think of dropping that one. Although it is a very remote possibility, if it does come through though, the only viable competitor around would be Sony Mobile if it can get its MOVE down.

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