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Code That Took Apollo 11 To The Moon Is Now Available Online
The first moon landing was no easy feat. It was an effort that involved a considerable amount of time and resources. The technology wasn’t as advanced in the 1960s as it is today so creating a software guidance system for the Apollo 11 was easier said than done. History will testify that it was done and now you can peruse that bit of history online. The Apollo 11 guidance computer […]

Vernee Apollo Smartphone Pricing Details Revealed
Vernee has shown off the pricing details of its upcoming Apollo smartphone that will boast of 10 cores – now how about that? What makes the Vernee Apollo all the more special is the fact that this particular smartphone model will arrive with 6GB of RAM, which is a whole lot more than what other smartphone models in the market come with right out of the box, and so far […]

Windows Phone 8 Apollo+ Update (Rumor)
The Internet is a venerable source of information, but on the other hand, it is also a tricky place to navigate, especially with the number of rumors floating around. Well, it seems that the latest rumor to make its rounds is the Windows Phone 8 operating system from Microsoft will be receiving an incremental update in due time, where this update has been dubbed “Apollo+”, where this particular update will […]

Windows Phone 8 caught on Nokia Lumia 900?
We did talk about the possibility of a Samsung device running the Windows Phone 8 operating system, but here we are with something more concrete than just words. We have at least a thousand words, so to speak (pardon the pun here), thanks to an image which was sent in by a reader to PhoneArena, touting it to be a Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” developer build that is being tested […]


Conflicting Reports Question Windows Phone 8 Plans
A while back we reported that a developer evangelist from Microsoft named Nuno Silva said that all current Windows Phone devices would get the upgrade to the upcoming Windows 8. While that was touted as a plausible rumor, after only a few hours, we have found that other sources have heard otherwise. A report from The Verge has indicated that an anonymous source allegedly close to Microsoft has said that […]

Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" could offer OEMs customization options
One of the features that Windows Phone offers its users is a consistent user experience regardless of the device that they use. This is because of the strict limitations that Microsoft has placed on its OEMs although that could change in the future with Windows Phone 8 “Apollo”. The folks over at Netbooknews have managed to get their hands on an alleged agenda for the upcoming “Apollo” MO Summit which […]

Microsoft Plans to bring Kinect to Windows Phone 8
As far-fetched as it sounds, the folks over at VR-Zone claim to have had a chat with some Microsoft employees who mentioned the next step in Kinect-related technology. Apparently Microsoft has been working on fitting the Kinect Natural User Interface that is found in Xbox consoles to the upcoming installment of the company’s mobile OS, Windows Phone 8 or Apollo.

Windows Phone Apollo launching mid 2012 according to Nokia's VP
With Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 (or Mango) update still in the process of being completely rolled out, there are talks about its successor, Apollo. Not much is known about the Apollo update yet, but if we were to take Nokia’s Executive VP for Location and Commerce, Michael Halbherr’s word for it, we could be seeing the Apollo update launch in the middle of 2012. He has claimed that the update […]

Clear 4G-Apollo router is ready for takeoff
The Clear 4G-Apollo router did make an appearance at the FCC a while ago, and since it has leaked out on the Internet already, why not go ahead to make it official? That is exactly what Clear has done with their latest generation 4G hotspot device. The Spot 4G-Apollo is different from the other devices to date simply because it is touted to have its very own display that goes […]

Windows Phone 7 updates codenamed Tango and Apollo?
If you were wondering about what the next version of Windows Phone 7 will be after the Mango update drops, the folks over at DigiTimes seem to have the answer. The industry insider recently reported that the update following Mango will be codenamed Tango, and the one after that will be called Apollo. Apparently Microsoft has already started working on the updates.Since Microsoft hasn’t made any mention of Tango before, […]

BlackBerry Curve Apollo shown off on video
The BlackBerry Curve “Apollo” was shown off in some short video clips last week and now the folks over at have shot a 7 minute video showing off even more footage of the upcoming entry-level BlackBerry. Specs-wise the new Curve isn’t anything to shout about but like most of the current BlackBerry phones, they are due for an update and the Apollo seems like a decent replacement.The BlackBerry Curve […]

BlackBerry Curve "Apollo" shown off in video clips
Leaked earlier this year, the BlackBerry Curve “Apollo” has surfaced again, this time showing up in training videos for BlackBerry 7 OS and videos showing off its hardware. When its specs were first revealed we weren’t too impressed and judging by what appears to be lag on the device in the training video, we don’t think a lot of people are going to be looking forward to this device. Let’s […]