After Microsoft was found to be making more from licensing its patents out to Android device manufacturer than selling its own Windows Phones now it seems that Nokia is also earning more from doing the same thing with Apple for its iPhone than selling its range of Lumia smartphones. As far as Q1 is concerned, Nokia faced a loss with sales of its mobile devices which resulted in an overall loss of $1.7 billion. This happened despite the launching of a few new Lumia Windows Phone devices. Compared with how the figures were a year ago, Nokia notched up sales numbers of 82.7 million units which is in stark contrast of the digits a year ago; 108.5 million units which is a decline of 24%.

On the other hand, the Finnish company was able to garner about $600 million from the Cupertino technological giant Apple to settle a patent licensing dispute that involved a variety of standards essential patents. The information comes from a source who claims to be familiar with the deal. The source goes on to state that if the Finnish mobile company cannot turn things around soon, with the sales of its Windows Phone OS devices, Nokia is likely to transform into a non-practicing company which hinges on its patents for an income or could even consider the sale of its wide patent-related portfolio to another firm including Microsoft. Do take this news with a pinch of salt as it is the opinion of an anonymous source and nothing official but let us know what you think about this bit of information that could or could not be true.

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