Nokia vs RIMIt sure looks like RIM can’t catch a break. According to reports online, Nokia has decided to file a new lawsuit against RIM for the infringement of three of its patents. According to reports online, the patents cover a “method and system for storing and transferring multimedia tags”, a “method and apparatus for updating the software of a mobile terminal using the air interface” and a “method for transferring resource information”. These three new patent infringements add to the stack of lawsuits already on RIM’s plate and does not bode well for the Canadian smartphone/tablet manufacturer.

It wasn’t mentioned which devices were the cause of the problems but it’s probably safe to say that all of RIM’s BlackBerry phones are cause for concern. According to the folks over at FOSSpatents, Nokia is likely to win with its stronger portfolio of patents. But if they do, we’ll have another question on our minds: will RIM be able to pay up if they lose?

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