motorola-appleFor those who have been following the tech news, the legal battle between Apple and Samsung, and Apple and Motorola is nothing new. While Apple and Samsung might not have been able to reach a consensus and strike a deal with each other, it looks like Motorola has been more successful. It has been reported that Motorola has agreed to license out some of its standards-essential patents to Apple, at least as far as Germany is concerned. Naturally no word on what the royalty rates are since these are usually kept hush-hush, but it could be interesting to note that Apple’s willingness to license Motorola’s patents is probably as far as an admission that yes, they may have infringed upon some patents. We doubt Apple will ever come forward and admit that, but if we read in between the lines, it certainly seems that way. No word on how this will affect the ITC case between Motorola and Apple in the US, but it certainly looks like a step in the right direction towards a peaceful resolution.

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