Now that we are at the end of 2012, it makes perfect sense to do a recap of all that has happened in the year, taking stock of the situation and what not. We did bring you a story about how Google removed a fair number (2 billion!) of fake views from YouTube, and here we are with the grand total of URL removal requests for the entire year – numbering approximately 50 million thereabouts. It was just in May that Google was on the receiving end of around 1.2 million URL removal requests each month, so to hit a grand total of 50 million for the entire year of 2012 means that plenty more requests were sent out in the second half of the year.

Bear in mind that this 50 million figure is not official from Google, but rather, it is some mathematics and arcane magic employed by the good people over at TorrentFreak to arrive at the magical 51,395,353 mark. The numbers also show that the amount of requests has continued its upward spiral. The Recording Industry Association of America is touted to be the primary source for these requests, which should not come across as a surprise, really.

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