Instagram, the hipster photo sharing app that is loved by many around the world, has just announced that they will no longer offer support for Twitter cards. What does this mean for the end user? Well, basically, users are now unable to preview Instagram images on Twitter itself. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, he confirmed this bit of news at the Le Web’12 conference in Paris, touting that the move was made in such a manner so as to offer maximum benefit to the company’s web profiles which were recently launched. Systrom said, “We think it’s a better user experience, currently. I think this is an evolution of who we are and where we want links to our content to go. We will always be integrated with Twitter with regards to tweeting a link to your Instagram photo.”

Systrom did mention that this is in no way associated with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram that happened earlier. Systrom further continued, “This is nothing to do with Facebook putting a policy on Instagram, nor is it anything to do with Facebook’s acquisition [of Instagram]. It’s simply us doing the correct thing for our business right now. Nor has the move got anything to do with Twitter having shunned Instagram back in July, Systrom added. This move from the microblogging website saw Twitter remove the “Friends on Twitter” feature from the photo sharing app.”

Well, aren’t you glad that all of it has been cleared?

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