Bethesda’s Skyrim has seen countless mods made for it in the past, ranging from the novelty, to the beautiful where the textures have been improved greatly, making the game look positively next-gen. However for the most part, the mods have left Skyrim feeling like Skyrim, just with better graphics and models, but in the case of the Tropical Skyrim mod, well, it completely turns Skyrim into a different game, at least visually. In fact to a certain extent we could have easily mistaken it for Far Cry 3 upon first glance. Basically what the mod does is that it turns Skyrim into a tropical rainforest. It also takes away some of the gloom and dark lighting into the game, turning it into a tropical paradise of sorts. The details of the mod and the download can be found here, but in the meantime if you want to check it out in action, take a look in the video above.

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