Major Retailers Hint At Upcoming iPad 5 Release By Cutting iPad, iPad Mini Prices


It looks like the rumors of a new iPad being announced this month are starting to become stronger as not only did a number of well-connected sources say Apple has an event planned for the end of April, but we’re also seeing a number of retailers slash prices of their iPads.

Yesterday, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and MacMall reduced the prices of their 3rd-generation iPads and current iPad minis to about 30 percent across all versions, which may be a clear indication a new iPad announcement is just around the corner. What’s surprising is Apple seems to be ramping up its iPad production as in the past, they waited nearly a year to announce a new device. Now, it seems like Apple is planning to reveal a new iPad every 6 months as it was nearly that long ago when they announced the iPad Mini and 4th-generation iPad.

Previous reports said the iPad 5 would resemble the iPad Mini¬†with a render showing just how we expect it to look¬†based on previously leaked information. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until Apple unveils its next iPad to the world.

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