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Walmart Gives Its 740,000 Works Free Samsung Phones
Usually when it comes to company phones, you would need to be in a relatively high position for the company to give you a phone. However, that isn’t the case with Walmart who recently announced that they will be distributing a whopping 740,000 free Samsung phones to its store workers.

Confidential Emails Reveal That Walmart Was Working On A Cloud Gaming Service
During the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, confidential emails were revealed as part of an exhibit. What’s interesting is that based on these emails, it seems that several years ago, Walmart was actually developing its own cloud gaming service that they were pitching to companies such as Epic to try and get Fortnite as one of the available games.

Walmart Will Expand Its Driverless Truck Program In 2021
Right now, pretty much all delivery trucks are driven by humans. The problem with this setup is that humans need rest, they can make mistakes, they can be delayed, and so on. All of this means that sometimes when you order something, it might not necessarily arrive in a timely manner.

Best Buy, Walmart Will Only Sell Next-Gen Consoles Online
While online shopping has become increasingly common, one of the advantages of buying a product in-person at a physical store is that you don’t have to wait for it to ship to your location, meaning you’ll be able to get it on the day itself. This is why some people still prefer going to physical stores for launch day purchases.


Walmart Lists iPad Air’s Release Date For Next Week
When Apple announced the iPad Air, they did not mention when it would be released. A rumor earlier this week suggested that Apple might announce something at its iPhone 12 event, but that obviously did not pan out. However, it seems that we might now have a release date to look forward to.

Walmart Wants TikTok As Well
Unless TikTok can find a US buyer for the company, it faces the possibility of being banned outright. To date, Microsoft is the frontrunner in a bid to acquire the company, but it seems that Walmart is now interested as well, although in this case, they might actually want to work with Microsoft to acquire the company.

You’ll Soon Be Able To Watch Movies In Walmart’s Parking Lots
Until a vaccine for the coronavirus can be found, the best way to keep a lid on the virus and prevent it from spreading unnecessarily is through social distancing. This also means that activities that gather large numbers of people in close quarters is discouraged, like watching movies in a cinema.

Walmart Sells Vudu To Fandango
A couple of years ago, Walmart announced that they would be getting into the streaming game by launching their own service called Vudu. It would be similar to some other streaming services where it would offer on-demand video streaming content. However, it seems that the company has decided that they are done on that front.

Walmart Will Conduct Temperature Checks Of Its Employees
While most of us have been advised to stay home to work or study, there are many out there who are still going to work. These people consists of frontliners, such as staff working at businesses that are deemed to be essential, like stores that sell our daily needs such as food and whatnot.

Walmart, Verizon In Talks To Turn Stores Into 5G Hubs
While 5G is mostly touted as a new and faster mobile internet service, the reality is that it can be used for so much more. In fact, it appears that both Walmart and Verizon are apparently in talks about turning Walmart’s stores (or at least some of them) into 5G hubs. This means that in the future, users will be able to take advantage of the 5G connectivity in Walmart’s […]

Walmart To Test Self-Driving Grocery Deliveries
Grocery deliveries have always been around, but these days a number of companies have been working on take it to the next level. For example, Walmart has recently announced that they will start testing self-driving vehicles to help deliver groceries through a partnership with a company called Nuro.

Walmart Customers Can Now Place Their Orders Via Siri
Shopping online these days is a pretty simple process, but if you’d like to be a little more hi-tech about it, you might be interested to learn that Walmart and Apple have entered into a new partnership where Walmart customers shopping through iOS devices will be able to place their orders using Siri.

Sam's Club Now Offers Same-Day Pickup Across The U.S.
Walmart has quickly been scaling up its pickup business as the company wants to offer this flexible option at all 3,100 stores across the country. Walmart-owned Sam’s Club is now making a similar move of its own. The retailer has announced that it’s now offering same-day Club Pickup to customers at almost all of its 600 locations in the United States.

Walmart To Prevent Theft At Checkout Lanes With AI Cameras
In a bid to clamp down on theft at checkout lanes, Walmart has deployed a Missed Scan Detection system which utilized artificial intelligence-powered cameras to check when an item has been moved past the scanner without being scanned first. Walmart has reportedly deployed this system at more than 1,000 stores across the United States over the past two years. Walmart didn’t say how much money it has saved as a […]

Walmart Offers Unlimited Grocery Delivery For $98 Per Year
Walmart is now offering an Unlimited Grocery Delivery subscription service for its customers called Delivery Unlimited. It’s an expansion of Walmart’s current delivery and order pickup service. For $98 per year, Walmart will provide unlimited grocery deliveries through the Delivery Unlimited service.

Walmart Will Expand On The Number Of EV Charging Stations By The End Of The Year
As the number of electric vehicles grow, it also means that there needs to be more charging stations created. This is because unlike gas stations which can be commonly found, EV charging stations still aren’t quite as ubiquitous yet. There have been major improvements made over the years, but we reckon that there’s still a lot more that could be done.

Just Like Amazon, Walmart Wants To Deliver Your Groceries Directly Into Your Home
Amazon has an amazing logistics setup to the point where a couple of years ago, Amazon wanted to push their delivery services even further by announcing Amazon Key. This would allow a delivery person to make the delivery directly into your home, as opposed to leaving your package on your front steps where it could be easily stolen.

Walmart Launches Trio Of Cheap Android Tablets
It was reported not too long ago that Walmart would soon launch its own-brand cheap Android tablets that would compete with Amazon’s Fire tablets which have long been the gold standard of cheap Android tablets. Released under its in-house Onn brand, Walmart is selling one 8 inch and two 10.1 inch tablets. Prices start at just $64.

Walmart Rolling Out Free One-Day Delivery
Walmart has announced that it’s rolling out free one-day delivery for customers in the United States. It will initially be available to customers in Las Vegas and Phoenix before being expanded to Southern California in the coming days. Walmart says that one-day free delivery will be rolled out gradually over the coming months. It plans to reach 75 percent of the U.S. population by the end of this year. This […]

Walmart Opens Its AI Powered Store To The Public
As if Walmart did not already need to compete with Amazon on the digital front, more recently it seemed like Walmart would need to compete on the physical front as well where Amazon started to test out AI-powered grocery stores, where customers could walk in, grab what they want, and walk out without having to deal with cashiers.