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iPad Air Overview
As with all Apple products, we’ve gone through several months of rumors, speculation and alleged leaks for the next iPad. Today, Apple finally unveiled the latest iPad, which is the fifth-generation iPad, so without further ado, let’s get down to business to see what exactly you can expect from the latest tablet.

iPad 5 May Get A Keyboard Smart Cover Of Its Own [Rumor]
We’re just a little over 24 hours until Apple takes the stage for their “a lot to cover” event, where many people are expecting the company to announce a new iPad or two. As you’d expect with 24 hours left until a big Apple announcement, rumors have been circulating at an increased rate. We recently saw images of what looked to be the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 covered in gold, […]

Purported Gold iPad 5 And iPad 2 Mini Leaked
With the iPhone 5s, Apple offered the gold color as an option for the very first time. Demand for this particular color has apparently been quite high, with Apple even reportedly ramping up production of the gold iPhone 5s. The question everyone had in their minds after the iPhone was announced was that if the company will offered gold as a color option for its next generation iPads. Apple hasn’t […]

iPad Mini With Retina Display Reportedly Bit Thicker Due To Bigger Battery
We’ve seen no shortage of rumors about the next generation iPad mini having a Retina display. This possibility has been rumored time and time again over the last few months, but nothing is known for sure as yet because Apple hasn’t confirmed anything. All we have to go on is a bunch of rumors and speculation. The latest round of speculation suggests that the upcoming iPad mini will be a […]


Retina iPad Mini Won't Be Announced On October 22nd [Analyst]
The possibility of the next generation iPad mini having a Retina display has been discussed, affirmed and refuted multiple times over the past couple of months. We’ve seen different analysts, news outlets and unofficial sources voicing their own opinions, yet no one knows for sure if Apple is really going to unveil a Retina iPad mini at its iPad event on October 22nd. Apple actually hasn’t even confirmed its iPad […]

Apple Might Unveil New Smart Cover With iPad 5
Time and again we’ve heard that Apple is going to announce the iPad 5 soon. Its plausible, the timing is just about right for a new iPad to hit the market, though no one knows right now exactly when the company intends on making the announcement. A recent analyst prediction suggests that new Smart Cover may also be announced with the iPad 5. This is plausible as well, given the […]

Low Cost iMac And iPad With High Resolution Display Rumored
Since Apple finally unveiled the two new iPhones last month, the rumor mill’s focus has now shifted to other products. Market analysts often make their predictions about future Apple products as well, and the folks at KGI Securities have come up with yet another round of predictions. It is claimed that Apple is indeed going to launch the Retina iPad mini at its event later this month, though it should […]

iPad 5 Space Gray Casing High Quality Pictures
The world anxiously waits for Apple to finally unveil its new tablets. It is expected that Apple will unveil two new iPads later this month, if that is not the case, it is probably going to launch the iPad 5 alone any way. There has been a lot of speculation about this tablet, particularly about its looks. Big changes are expected from the iPad 5 in the design department, this […]

iPad 5 Release Date, News and Rumored Specs
Without fail for the past few years, Apple has unveiled a new iPad, although the anomaly was back in 2012 where Apple not just one, but two iPads, along with the first ever iPad mini. What this means is that the timetable for the fifth-gen iPad has been shifted from early 2013 to late 2014.Apple has yet to send out invites to their event, but the rumors are pointing at […]

Purported iPad 5 Home Button Connector Cable Hints At Touch ID
A much rumored feature of the iPhone 5s was its fingerprint sensor, which was made official when the smartphone was announced on September 10th. Since then, people have been wondering if Apple has any intentions of bringing the sensor over to other devices, and since iPads are next in line to be refreshed, the focus has been on the upcoming tablets. Apple is expected to unveil both new iPads later […]

Retina iPad Mini And Apple iTV Might Come Next Year [Analyst]
Lately there has been all sorts of speculation about upcoming Apple products. The next products expected to come out of Cupertino include new iPads, a smartwatch and a full fledged television set. Previous rumors suggest that the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 with Retina Display might be unveiled on October 15th, though recent reports claim that Retina iPad mini might not be announced until 2014. Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, […]

iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 To Have 8 Megapixel Rear Camera [Analyst]
There’s no word from Apple as yet on when it intends on launching its new iPads. Nevertheless, rumors about these devices keep coming in. Analysts too periodically chime in with their predictions and today famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has made a prediction about the upcoming tablets. Kuo believes that Apple will still launch both iPads later this year, despite reports on the contrary, and that the company […]

iPad 5 Purported Casing In Space Gray [Video]
Apple is expected to unveil both new iPads on October 15th, but so far the company hasn’t said anything about its tablet plans. Nevertheless, rumors have constantly been coming in. We’ve also seen a plethora of purported parts and components surface online and today we get to see a purported iPad 5 casing in the space gray color that Apple debuted with the iPhone 5s last month. The video compares […]

Alleged iPad 5 Rear Casing Compared With iPad 4 And iPad Mini
Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of alleged iPad 5 parts and components begin leaked on the internet. The purported rear casing of Apple’s next generation iPad has been seen multiple times, and the part itself is almost always been identical in all of those leaks. The latest one is no different. A video has been posted online in which a similar rear casing is compared with […]