Apple has traditionally released a new iPad in March, like it did with iPad 2 and the iPad 3. The company deviated from its release cycle a bit late last year when it announced the slightly updated iPad 4. The latest rumors in circulation hint that iPad 5 will be announced later this month, and it will be completely redesigned. A new 9.7-inch iPad design will be welcomed, as it has been quite the same since the latest radical redesign, which was implemented on the iPad 2.

Multiple well connected sources are of the view that Apple has an event planned for the end of April. It will announce the redesigned iPad 5 at this event. Previous rumors hint that the design elements will be similar to that of iPad Mini, which was announced in the not so distant past. If this is indeed the case, perhaps we will see some component leaks in the days leading up to the announcement. Its no secret that Apple’s supply chain is a leaky ship. No word about the internal hardware specifications of the upcoming full fledged Apple iPad.

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