It was back in mid-2011 when Microsoft announced it would purchase Skype for $8 billion. The acquisition sparked a slow and steady transition of integrating Skype into Microsoft products, even going as far as completely ending Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype. It seems Microsoft hasn’t slowed down the expansion of Skype, and today, the company is announcing it has achieved an amazing milestone.

Skype announced its users are connecting with one another for 2 billion minutes a day, which equates to over 33 million hours or 3,805 years, whichever alternative method of time keeping you prefer. This doesn’t just count towards Internet phone calls as the 2 billion minutes mark has been achieved through a combination of Internet phone calls, video calls, group chats and instant messages across all of its software versions including PCs, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

Considering how popular Skype has been ever since it debuted back in 2003, we’re sure their momentum won’t be stopping any time soon. Ten years later, it’s one of the most popular chat clients in the world, especially when making international phone calls.

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