It is being reported that Twitter is internally testing a two factor authentication security system which will be incrementally rolled out to users in the near future. Two factor or two step authentication safeguard accounts from hacking attempts in a far better way than just passwords alone. It is not clear when Twitter plans on rolling it out, but a sense of urgency is being reported, given the recent string of high profile Twitter accounts being hacked.

Yesterday the Associated Press @AP account was hacked and a bogus tweet about bombings at the White House was posted. In recent weeks several high profile accounts have been hacked, including that of 60 Minutes and the BBC. The two factor authentication solution is currently being beta tested for influential accounts such as The New York Times, the Associated Press and Justin Bieber. It is not known how Twitter will implement this solution, it can be assumed that users will be required to pre-register a device which will receive a randomly generated code either through SMS or through an application. Entering this code along with the password would be required when signing in from a new location, this will certainly be much more effective than a mere password.

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